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Neonatal Transfusion Guidance

123089DBNeonatal Transfusion Guidance

The unique requirements for neonatal transfusion affect many processes and procedures in the continuum from collection and selection of blood components to the methods of administration. This publication describes many of these fine points, including the importance of communication between clinical staff, laboratory personnel, and the neonate’s parents; component processing techniques such as irradiation, filtration, and aliquoting; effects of component storage and preservation; and blood administration concerns (eg, venous access, infusion pumps, blood warming).

(2012, AABB, 32 pages, ISBN 978-1-56395-848-9)


Neonatal Transfusion Guidance Digital Book

Developed for the Transfusion Medicine Section Coordinating Committee by Steven Sloan, MD, PhD; Cassandra Josephson, MD; Mark Fung, MD, PhD; and Susan Roseff, MD
PDF File Format
List Price: $45.00
Member Price: $35.00

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Guidelines for Prenatal and Perinatal Immunohematology

053065Guidelines for Prenatal and Perinatal Immunohematology - Available

ISBN #1563952084

The following guidelines are presented to provide transfusion service directors and supervisors with a reference source to use when formulating p...

List Price: $25.00
Member Price: $20.00
Guidelines for Prenatal and Perinatal Immunohematology

053065DBGuidelines for Prenatal and Perinatal Immunohematology

This Guideline aids in formulating prenatal/perinatal testing practices and discouraging the use of outmoded tests and customs.

List Price: $25.00
Member Price: $20.00
Pediatric Transfusion Data Card 2009

093225Pediatric Transfusion Data Card 2009 - Available

ISBN #9781563952913

This Data Card is a handy reference that folds down to a 4” × 6” size and can easily fit in your lab or suit coat pocket. Laminated for du...

List Price: $35.00
Member Price: $28.00
Pediatric Transfusion: A Physician's Handbook, 3rd edition

093020Pediatric Transfusion: A Physician's Handbook, 3rd edition - Available

ISBN #9781563952913

All practitioners who transfuse the neonatal and pediatric populations, including physicians treating patients in the hospital or those answering q...

List Price: $35.00
Member Price: $28.00

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