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Transfusion Reactions, 4th edition

122160Transfusion Reactions, 4th edition - Available

ISBN #9781563958359

Far outweighing the diligently cornered, known infectious risks of transfusion, noninfectious risks garner significant attention at the forefront of efforts to advance patient safety. Adverse events such as transfusion-related acute lung injury (TRALI), graft-vs-host disease, hemolytic or allergic reactions, bacterial contamination and many others are the subjects in the spotlight for Transfusion Reactions. Newly updated, this reference manual on noninfectious complications is as prominent in the field as it is comprehensive. Appropriate for clinicians, lab technicians, and nurses worldwide, the content is accessible for either subtopic or in-depth review.

In addition to the chapters on specific types of reactions, the contents address nursing and cellular therapy perspectives, conditions in the developing world and prevention strategies. As in previous editions, authors address each complication in terms of clinical presentation, morbidity, differential diagnosis, mechanism of action, treatment and prevention.

New this edition:

  • A new chapter addresses two new topics:
    • Prevention strategies.
    • The role of patient blood management.
  • Chapters on TRALI and transfusion-associated circulatory overload (TACO) reflect recent improved understanding of these complications since the third edition.
  • Every chapter has been meticulously updated with the latest research and perspectives; some have been expanded.

(2012, AABB Press, 677 pages)

List Price: $165.00
Member Price: $135.00

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102118Pathogen Inactivation: The Penultimate Paradigm Shift - Available

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In this imperfect world, pathogen inactivation has been sought as a way to achieve a zero-risk blood supply.

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TRALI: Mechanisms, Management, and Prevention

082195TRALI: Mechanisms, Management, and Prevention - Available

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List Price: $120.00
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