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Conversations on Cord Blood

Individuals from industry, academia, health care and public advocacy in the cord blood field gather annually at the International Cord Blood Symposium (ICBS) to discuss the state of the art, future directions for medical applications of cord blood and educating the public.

A few experts who visited ICBS answered a few questions on what they do, how they envision the future of cord blood use and how professionals and the public can become engaged in learning about the gift of cord blood - “Give Life Twice.”

To listen to the experts, click on the video images. To learn more about ICBS, click here.

Mitchell Cairo, MD, Chief of Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Stem Cell Transplantation, New York Medical College

Dr. Cairo addresses these questions: 1) Comparing cord blood transplantation in adult vs children what are the most important considerations when attempting transplantation in these two groups? 2) What types of studies using cord blood are you conducting that you believe show the most promise? 3) Can you give us a brief overview of your studies where you are developing novel pluripotent stem cells from cord blood and what you believe will be their impact on medicine? and 4) How do you envision the use of cord blood in medicine in future and how would you communicate the use of cord blood to the public?

Pedro Couto, MS, Researcher, Parent's Guide to Cord Blood Foundation

Pedro describes his background, interest in the field of cord blood, the potential of cord blood, public awareness, his research on mesenchymal stem cells from human umbilical cord tissue, why cord blood banking is a personal passion and what he sees as the future for cord blood applications and the cord blood industry. Pedro delivers his perspectives in both English and Spanish.


Charis Ober, Founder and Executive Director, Save the Cord Foundation

Charis discusses her background, how she became involved in cord blood, the importance of cord blood − calling it "incredible and compelling science” – which led to her setting up her foundation, the role of education, and the founding of World Cord Blood Day.



World Cord Blood Day - November 15thWorld Cord Blood Day is celebrated on November 15th. AABB joins people around the globe in celebrating World Cord Blood Day. AABB invites its members to participate in social and educational events. AABB appreciates its accredited cord blood banks and individual members serving the cord blood community!

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