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This section contains letters that have been sent or received by AABB on issues of concern to the transfusion medicine and cellular therapies communities.


Joint Letter to CMS Requesting the Establishment of a Miscellaneous Code for Blood Products – 1/4/19


Joint Letter to Congress Supporting the Blood-Related Provisions in the Pandemic and All-Hazards Preparedness & Advancing Innovation Act – 12/7/18
Coalition Letter to Congress Regarding the Pandemic and All-Hazards Preparedness and Advancing Innovation (PAHPAI) Act – 12/5/18
Joint Letter to the ASPR Regarding the ASPR's Four Pillars to Achieving National Health Security - 10/23/18
Joint Letter to Congress Regarding Reauthorization of the Pandemic and All-Hazards Preparedness Act - 5/4/18
Joint letter to Congress in support of the Sickle Cell Disease Surveillance, Prevention, and Treatment Act ​of 2018 - 2/26/18
Joint Letter to FDA Regarding Hydroxyethyl Starch (HES)  - 2/6/18


Letter to Congress in Support of Bill Requiring Medicare to Provide Separate Payments for the Acquisition of Hematopoietic Stem Cells - 11/29/2017
Letter to California Department of Public Health: Supports Modifying State Requirement that Registered Nurses be Physically Present During Blood Donation - 10/20/17
Joint Letter to FDA on Regulatory Reform - 10/19/17
Letter to Wall Street Journal Editor Regarding “Money for Marrow, Finally" Editorial - 8/14/17
Letter to CDC Regarding Changes to Hemovigilance Module - 1/27/17


Letter to Congress Urging Rapid Enactment of Legislation for Emergency Zika Response - 6/15/16
Joint Letter to FDA Outlining Zika Concerns - 5/2/16
Letter to Congress in Support of S. 2689 (REGROW)  - 4/26/16


Joint Letter to CMS Requesting the National Coverage Determination for Therapeutic Apheresis be Retired - 4/16/15
Joint Letter from Coalition of NHLBI Supporters to Congress Requesting More Funding for NIH and NHLBI - 3/24/15


Joint Letter to FDA Requesting Changes to Apheresis Plasma Regulations - 8/18/14


Letter From Boston Medical Center Commending AABB Members and the NBE for Providing Assistance After the Boston Marathon Bombings - 5/1/13 


Letter to Congress Supporting Legislation to Allow for More Reasonable Proficiency Testing Referral Penalties - 10/3/12
Letter to Congress Supporting Bill to Expand Requirements to Report Studies to - 10/3/12
Letter to IRS Regarding Medical Device Excise Tax - 8/20/12
FDA Response to AABB TTD Request for Review of Blood Relative vs. First Degree Relative in CJD Screening - 4/20/12 (PDF)


Letter to The Joint Commission Regarding Proposed Blood Transfusion Service and Donor Center Standards  – 10/22/10
Letter From U.S. Rep. Van Hollen Urging CDC to Enhance Collaboration with Private Sector on Hemovigilance – 7/21/10 (PDF)
Letter to Congress Calling for Maintenance of Funding for Vector-Borne Diseases Program at CDC – 4/9/10


Letter to Facilities with ISBT 128 Variance – 7/16/09
Letter to Facilities with ISBT 128 Status Unknown – 7/16/09
Letter from CMS Clarifying MUE Policy – 4/14/09 (PDF)
Letter to HRSA on Specifications for Accreditation of Cord Blood Banks – 4/10/09
Response from the National Quality Forum Regarding the Definition of a Transfusion–Related Event – 3/5/09 (PDF)
Letter to the National Quality Forum Regarding the Definition of a Transfusion–Related Event – 2/12/09


Letter to the FDA on a Draft Template for a Shorter Inter–donation Interval During an Influenza Pandemic – 2/14/08
Letter to FACT Proposing Accreditation Partnership – 2/4/08


Letter to the AMA on Cord Blood Banking – 11/16/07
Letter to HHS on the Appointment of the Advisory Council on Blood Stem Cell Transplantation – 10/2/07