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TJC Standards Letter Template

Attached you will find a template of a letter to be sent to The Joint Commission regarding their recent publication of proposed standards for Blood Transfusion Services and Donor Centers. AABB only recently became aware of these standards, which were published in mid September and allowed only 3 - 6 weeks for comment, including the AABB Annual Meeting time frame. AABB has decided not to comment on the specific standards but to comment on the need for yet another set of requirements.

As you know, TJC has previously referenced AABB standards as the basis for their accreditation requirements. The addition of these standards does not provide another level of safety but does require more documentation and paperwork.

For those of you in California, you may also want to include the fact that AABB standards have been adopted as the state standards and are the law, which requires all of the Transfusion Services to abide by the AABB standards.

We hope that you will add your thoughts to the following letter and send it to TJC as soon as possible. Although their deadline was October 20, hospital transfusion services having concerns should communicate those concerns to The Joint Commission, even though it is after the close of the comment period.