Tracking Zika Travel Notices

Purpose: FDA recommendations in the February 2016 guidance and March 2016 guidance, direct blood establishments to use the information posted on the “Areas with Zika” page of the CDC website. AABB created the Tracking Zika Travel Notices Table to provide a history of the posting dates of CDC Zika Travel Notices because those dates are not included on the CDC page where the travel notices reside.

  • The CDC travel notice documents active Zika transmission in an area and the posting date can assist blood centers with management of postdonation information, donor eligibility, product suitability, and product recall.
  • A posting date provides a reference for “local mosquito transmission of Zika virus infection” from that date forward.

AABB will continue to track dates of posting and update the Table as the CDC adds Zika travel notices for local mosquito transmission of Zika virus infection. This Table is not intended to take the place of blood establishment monitoring of the CDC website for new travel notices.

Tracking Zika Travel Notices Table (PDF)