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This section contains statements that have been released by AABB, its task forces or the entire blood community on issues relating to transfusion medicine and cellular therapies. Click on a link below to read current statements. For access to past statements, check our archive.


Joint Statement on Tolerable Risk in Blood Safety: Submitted to the Advisory Committee on Blood and Tissue Safety and Availability – 9/13/18
Joint Statement Before BPAC on Strategies to Control the Risk of Bacterial Contamination in Platelets for Transfusion - 7/18/18
Statement Submitted to the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response on Establishing a Public-Private Partnership - 1/10/18


Joint Statement Before BPAC on August 2016 Zika Guidance Document – 12/1/17
2017 Platelet Bacterial Risk Control Survey Presentation Before BPAC – 11/30/17
Statement on Iron Management in Blood Donors - 5/17/17
Statement Before BPAC on “Blood Donor Deferral Policy for Reducing the Risk of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Transmission by Blood and Blood Products” - 4/4/17


Joint Statement on FDA MSM Deferral Policy - 12/16/16
Statement to ACBTSA on the RAND Report Related to the Sustainability of the U.S. Blood Supply - 11/28/16
Joint Statement Before BPAC on FDA “Recommendation for Donor Screening, Deferral and Product Management to Reduce the Risk of Transfusion-Transmission of Zika Virus,” August 2016 Guidance - 11/18/16
Statement Before BPAC on the Management of Iron Deficiency Associated with Blood Donation - 11/17/16
Joint Statement Addressing Outpouring of Support from Blood Donors - 6/13/16


Joint Statement on FDA Final Guidance for MSM Deferral Policy - 12/21/15
Joint Statement on Phasing-In RHD Genotyping for Pregnant Women and Other Females of Childbearing Potential with a Serologic Weak D Phenotype - 7/22/15
Joint Statement Before TSEAC on Reconsideration of FDA’s Geographically-Based Donor Deferral Policies to Reduce the Risk of Transfusion-Transmitted vCJD - 6/1/15
Statement Before BPAC on Strategies for Implementation of Testing for Babesia microti in Blood Donors - 5/13/15
Joint Statement on FDA Draft Guidance for Deferral Criteria for MSM - 5/12/15


Joint Statement on FDA Recommendation to Change MSM Deferral Policy - 12/24/14
Statement Before BPAC on Blood Establishment Computer Software (BECS) and BECS Accessories - 12/3/14
Joint Statement on ACBTSA Recommendation to Change MSM Deferral Policy - 11/14/14
Statement to ACBTSA on Babesia Microti Testing – 11/14/14
Joint Statement Regarding Ebola and the Safety of the Blood Supply - 10/15/14
Joint Statement Regarding Reentry of Blood Donors Deferred on the Basis of Screening Test Results for Antibodies to T. cruzi - 7/31/14
Joint Statement Regarding National Gay Blood Drive - 6/26/14
Joint Statement Before BPAC on The Immucor PreciseType™ HEA Molecular BeadChip, and Similar Assays - 3/18/14
Statement Before CTGTAC on “Draft Guidance for Industry: Considerations for the Design of Early-Phase Clinical Trials of Cellular and Gene Therapy Products” - 2/26/14


Joint Statement Before BPAC on HTLV Confirmatory Test Developed by MP Biomedicals: MP Diagnostics HTLV Blot 2.4 - 11/1/13
Joint Statement Regarding "National Gay Blood Drive" - 6/26/13


Joint Statement Before BPAC on Labeling of Red Blood Cell Units with Historical Antigen Typing Results - 12/4/12
Statement Before BPAC on Considerations for Options to Further Reduce the Risk of Bacterial Contamination in Platelets - 9/21/12
Statement on AABB’s National Blood Exchange - 8/8/12
Statement to the Radiological Devices Panel of the Medical Devices Advisory Committee - 4/12/12