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Session Details

(9103) TTD I: Emerging Infectious Diseases — What Concerns us Today?

Director/Moderator: Susan Stramer, PhD

Speakers: Susan Stramer, PhD; Louis Katz, MD; Ingrid Rabe, MBChB, MMed

Intended Audience: Physicians, Scientists, Technologists, Nurses, Managers/Supervisors



·      Provide background on emerging arboviral infections of concern to recipient safety and the results of two travel surveys designed to provide data on the impact of a short deferral following international travel.

·      Provide an update to the status of investigational donor screening interventions for Babesia microti with emphasis on evolving policy.

·      Provide background on the emergence of, and on-going surveillance efforts for, tick-borne viruses described for the first time, and if there is a concern related to transfusion safety.


Event Description: This session will provide an update regarding emerging infectious disease agents of diverse types, clinical presentations and geographic distributions for which an intervention is lacking. In some cases, an intervention may not be required, especially if transfusion transmission is unknown or the agent's prevalence and associated disease burden is unknown or at a clinically tolerable level. The results of what is known about each agent will be described as well as the results of studies investigating potential interventions. Newly described agents will be reviewed that have no known association with transfusion including severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome virus (SFTSV) and a related virus described in the midwestern US (Heartland virus) as well as the newly described bourbon virus, with its first description also in the midwestern US.

Event Level: Intermediate to Advanced