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Session Details

(9111) Disaster Response and Preparedness

(9111- LMT) Disaster Response and Preparedness

Director/Moderator:   Theresa Wiegmann, JD

Speakers: Glenn Ramsey, MD; Ruth Sylvester

Intended Audience: Physicians, Managers/Supervisors, Nurses, Technologists



·      Explain the role of the AABB Interorganizational Task Force on Domestic Disasters and Acts of Terrorism in working with blood centers, hospitals and the government to prepare for and respond to disasters affecting the blood supply.

·      Provide insights on how blood centers can best be prepared for a disaster impacting the blood supply, including eff orts to integrate blood in state and local emergency management plans.

·     Educate hospital blood banks and transfusion centers on steps they should take to prepare for emergencies

Event Description: Hospital and blood center representatives will provide guidance on how both collecting and transfusing facilities can best prepare for and respond to natural and man-made disasters. Speakers will highlight ways hospitals and blood centers should work together in creating and implementing their emergency preparedness plans, as well as the critical need to establish strong relationships with state and local emergency management agencies.

Event Level:  Basic to Intermediate