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Session Details

(9116) Hot Topic: Zika and Its Impact to Transfusion (SAM)

October 22, 2016

2:00 pm – 3:00 pm


Director/Moderator: Susan Stramer, PhD

Speaker: Lisa Pate, MD, JD; Lyle Petersen, MD, MPH; Luiz Amorim, MD; Jeff Linnen, PhD

Intended Audience: Physicians, Scientists, Technologists, Nurses

Teaching level: Intermediate to Advanced


  • To review the virology, epidemiology, clinical significance and public health implications of Zika virus.
  • To describe the impact of Zika virus in Brazil.
  • To describe the testing strategies that have been introduced in the US and a summary of their findings to date.

Event Description: With the introduction of Zika virus into the Americas, associated explosive outbreaks in Brazil and other countries worldwide since 2013, demonstration of Zika virus RNA in blood donors, documented transfusion transmission, linkage to microcephaly, Guillain—Barré and other nervous system disorders, strategies are needed to protect the safety of the blood supply from this primarily mosquito-borne flavivirus. This session will describe background information on the characteristics of the virus, its epidmiology, clinical outcomes associated with viral infection and public health considerations followed by a description of the outbreak in Brazil and lastly interventions that have been introduced in the United States using investigational NAT assays including experience to date. A question and answer session will follow the formal presentations.


Location: OCCC - W230 A/B