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Session Details

(9118) The So-Cell Network: Round-Table Discussions for Cellular Therapy Professionals

(9118-TC-CT) The So-Cell Network: Round-Table Discussions for Cellular Therapy Professionals
Director/Moderator: Michele Sugrue, MS, MT(ASCP)SBB

Intended Audience: Physicians, Scientists, Technologists, Managers/Supervisors, Nurses


PART 1 - Quality Operations, Regulatory Affairs, Cord Blood Banking, and Business Management

PART 2 - Novel Cellular Therapies, Product Development, Product Manufacturing and Testing, Product Collection and Clinical Practices


·         Network with cellular therapy colleagues and the leadership of the AABB Cellular Therapy Section in a congenial and informal atmosphere.

·         Identify and develop creative solutions to manage common technical, clinical and administrative challenges.

·         Rotate through topics specifically related to one’s area of interest and responsibilities within the field of cellular therapy.

Event Description: This sessions continues to be one of the most popular programs during the annual meeting. Please join us for stimulating and lively discussions of a variety of topics related to the areas of cellular therapy quality operations, regulatory affairs, cord blood banking, laboratory business management, novel cellular therapies, product development, product manufacturing and testing, product collection and clinical practices. This session will allow cellular therapy professionals to select topics of particular interest for networking and problem solving strategies. Using round-table discussions, the format will consist of "speed dating" sessions led by a "moderator." Within small groups at each table, participants will discuss challenges and approaches commonly faced in the field of cellular therapy. Participants will then have the opportunity to "move" to another table/topic of interest.
Event Level: Basic to Intermediate