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Session Details


Director/Moderator: Sheila O'Brien, PhD, RN

Speaker: Sheila O'Brien, PhD, RN; Mary Townsend, MD; Yvette Miller, MD

Intended Audience: Physicians, Technologists, Nurses, Managers/Supervisors

Teaching level: Basic to Intermediate


  • To present highlights of the revised AABB Donor History Questionnaire and accompanying materials including changes in compliance final rule.
  • To explore the social, emotional and practical issues of determining the gender of donors who do not self-identify as their birth gender. Gender identification is necessary for gender specific DHQ questions.
  • To explain the rationale for donor deferral for various medications identified using the DHQ and Medication Deferral List, and discuss practical approaches to balancing the ever-increasing number of new drugs on the market while keeping the process simple enough for donors to provide complete and accurate histories.

Event Description: In 2016 a full revision of the AABB Donor History Questionnaire(DHQ) and accompanying materials will be completed (Version 2), which will be compliant with the 2015 Final Rule Requirements for Blood and Blood Components Intended for Transfusion or for Further Manufacturing Use and the FDA Guidance Revised recommendations for reducing the risk of human immunodeficiency virus transmission by blood and blood products. In this session the AABB Donor History Task Force will present highlights of the revised DHQ and accompanying materials. To be compliant with the FDA Guidance, facilities will need to develop their own policies to address application of the gender specific questions. Such policies need to be both sensitive to donors and practical to implement. Key transgender issues will be identified and approaches in different jurisdictions will be compared. Assessment of donor medication histories is frequently problematic. The rationale behind the inclusion of various medications for deferral will be explained and the new approach in the AABB DHQ and Medication List will be presented.


Location: OCCC - W231