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Session Details

(9207) The Hospital Based Donor Center: Can It Survive and Does It Still Make Sense?

Director: Karen Klinker, MT(ASCP)SBB

Moderator:  Ella Martin, MD

Speakers: Nancy Dunbar, MD; Justin Kreuter, MD; Alyssa Ziman, MD

Intended Audience: Physicians, Technologists, Nurses, Managers/Supervisors



·      Discuss the advantages and challenges associated with hospital-based donor centers.

·      Highlight the unique role a hospital-based donor center can play in responding to acute shortages and providing blood products for patients with specific needs.

·      Describe how a hospital-based donor center may partner with a large national blood collector.

·      Discuss how a hospital can use a university or college to meet collection goals.

Event Description: As hospitals nationwide struggle to meet the demands of the changing landscape of providing medical care, tough choices are being made as to where a hospital wants to devote resources. Hospital-based small donor centers are at risk for elimination if they cannot demonstrate that they bring value and cost savings to an organization. This session aims to review the advantages an in-house donor center can bring and how successful centers sustain themselves.

Event Level: Intermediate