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Session Details

(9235) Research and Progress Session: Age of Blood

(9235-TC) Research and Progress (RAP) Sessions: Age of Blood

Chair: Steven Sloan, MD

Event Description: Several biochemical changes are known to occur during storage of RBC units. However, many previously undescribed changes also occur. Many additional changes are being discovered using modern approaches that detect multiple changes simultaneously. Speakers in this session, will discuss recent results his laboratory has obtained in using a metabolomic approach to measure changes in RBC units during storage. To determine the clinical significance of these changes, human studies are needed. Although randomized controlled clinical trials of patients in select patient populations have detected no difference in clinical outcomes between patients’ transfused fresh RBC units and those transfused older RBC units, it is possible that those trials were not large enough to detect small clinical differences. Speakers will also discuss progress in that study and new approaches to explore patient outcomes using linked data from the donor, the product and the recipient.