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Session Details

(9301) International Collaboration on Monitoring and Responding to Potential New Threats to Blood Safety

Director: Hua Shan, MD, PhD

Moderator: Sally Campbell-Lee, MD

Speakers:  Matthew Kuehnert, MD; Roger Dodd, PhD; Jose Ramiro Cruz Lopez, ScD

Intended Audience: Physicians, Scientists, Technologists, Nurses, Managers/Supervisors, CEOs/CFOs, Perfusionists



·      Review current knowledge about how to timely identify and respond to new or re-emergent pathogens that may be potential threats to blood safety.

·      Introduce existing international collaborative programs on monitoring and responding to  potential new or re-emergent threats to blood safety.

·      Explore mechanisms for improving international collaboration through developing new collaborative initiatives.


Event Description: Timely monitoring of potential new or reemerging transfusion transmitted infections (TTI) is critical for blood safety. With ever increasing international travel, international collaboration has become an important element of a global surveillance program. Effective communication is essential for identifying potential TTI threats, in quantitatively and rapidly assessing the risk level, and in developing appropriate response to such threats. This session is aimed to bring to the audience perspectives from globally recognized experts on international collaboration of TTI prevention. There will an overview of the current TTI risks and discussions on scientific strategies for effective global collaboration. The presentation topics will include U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)'s scientific strategies for effective global collaboration in this area. International Affairs Committee of the Ibero-American Collaborative Group on Transfusion Medicine (GCIAMT) will present its work on surveillance and early notification of potential infectious threats to the safety of the global blood supply.
Event Level: Intermediate