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Session Details

(9304) Cord Blood Product Crossover: Private to Public Inventory

Director: Gwen Epstein

Moderator: Gwen Epstein, BSC, RT

Speakers: Salem Akel, PhD; Heidi Elmoazzen; Elisabeth Semple, PhD

Intended Audience: Scientists, Technologists, Managers/Supervisors



·      Evaluate the challenges involved in moving samples from private to public inventory.

·      Describe the benefits of transferring private bank samples to public bank inventory.

·      Discuss the regulatory requirements regarding the crossover model.

Event Description: What is the possibility of transferring family bank samples that are designated for discard by the family to a public bank? Identify the benefits and challenges associated with this crossover such as an increase in diversity of inventories, stability parameters and regulatory requirements of family vs public banks.

The speakers in this session will discuss the crossover model and how we can ensure that the quality of the cord blood sample is not

Event Level: Intermediate to Advanced