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Session Details

(9408) What is the Blood Bank's Role in T-cell Immunotherapeutics?

Director/Moderator: Philip Norris, MD

Speaker: David McKenna, MD; Bruce Levine, PhD

Intended Audience: Physicians, Scientists, Technologists, Nurses

Teaching level: Intermediate to Advanced


  • Understand where the field of T cell therapy is and will be headed clinically and scientifically.
  • Learn who is producing T cell therapeutics and why (economic, technical, and regulatory factors).
  • Forecast where blood banks will contribute to T cell therapy.

Event Description: T cell therapies are being scaled-up and translated to clinical treatment protocols at an accelerating pace. Potential indications for T cell-based treatment include chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cells or expanded tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes for cancer treatment, regulatory T cells for GVHD and other applications, and anti-viral T cells as prophylaxis or treatment after bone marrow transplant. How blood banks will be involved in producing the raw materials or finished products for each of these therapies is unclear. This session will explore how T cell-based therapies are currently prepared for clinical trials, as well as how the blood bank interfaces with industrial producers of T cell therapies. Issues such as technical hurdles in scale-up of production and regulatory requirements will be discussed.


Location: OCCC - W224 C/D