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Training Materials

Web-based Courses

AABB Cellular Therapies Certificate Program

AABB has partnered with The George Washington University to develop an online certificate program for healthcare professionals with an interest in cellular therapies. This program consists of 12 modules covering scientific, operational and regulatory principles. A certificate from AABB is awarded after successful completion of the program.

Bringing Flow Cytometry to Life: Applications in Cellular Therapies
This self-paced, online course teaches the basics of flow cytometer operation. Through the use of actual examples, students will experience how flow cytometry can be applied in cellular therapies – providing a real-world experience and bringing flow cytometry to life! The course is divided into three sections that highlight important aspects of flow cytometry practice:  Section 1: Foundational Concepts in Flow Cytometry - covers the essential components of a flow cytometer and basic principles in setting up the machine, cell surface staining and data analysis; Section 2: Cell Therapy Applications Using Flow Cytometry in the Cell Processing Laboratory - presents ‘real-world’ case studies demonstrating how flow cytometry concepts are applied in practice. Students learn through a series of practice exercises using examples of cell products widely processed in CT laboratories; Section 3: Review of Concepts. Students will test and apply knowledge in a series of exercises. A glossary and list of supporting reference material is also included. A continuing education credit certificate will be provided immediately upon review of all sections of the course and completion of the course evaluation.

Relationship Testing Collection Training Module

This web-based course was developed by subject-matter and quality expert, Marsha Deitz, MBA, MT (ASCP), CQA (ASQ), who is also the lead assessor for AABB relationship testing facilities.

Course Format: self-paced, online, audio-visual program that takes approximately an hour and a half to complete. After a pretest, individuals watch and listen to the program. After successfully completing the post-test, an official AABB certificate of completion is provided. Successful individuals will earn a Certificate of Training from AABB and be included on the list of qualified collection suppliers given quarterly to AABB Accredited Relationship Testing Laboratories worldwide. The certificate is valid for the duration of the current edition of the AABB Standards for Relationship Testing Laboratories.