Red Cell Genotyping: Understanding and Maximizing Personalized Transfusion Medicine

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Live Program Date: Wednesday, January 11, 2017 – On-Demand Available
Master Program Number: 101 (see program format numbers below under Registration)

Educational Track: Technical/Clinical
Topic: Transfusion Medicine
Intended Audience: Technologists, Laboratory Staff, Medical Directors, Students/Fellows, Residents, Hospital Blood Banks, Immunohematology Reference Labs (IRL’s)
Teaching Level: Intermediate

Director/Moderator: April Hord, Clinical Information System Analyst, VCU Medical Center, Richmond, VA
Speakers: Margaret A. Keller, PhD, Laboratory Director, American Red Cross, Philadelphia, PA; Trina Horn, Laboratory Manager, American Red Cross, Philadelphia, PA

Learning Objectives

After participating in this educational activity, participants should be able to:

  • Discuss how knowledge about genetic variation in blood group antigen genes can be used to predict red blood cell phenotypes.
  • Discuss how patients who are serologically negative for S and s may be U negative or U variant and be able know what testing can differentiate this and what blood products would be best suited for each.
  • Recognize that patients who are positive for an Rh antigen and present with an antibody may be expressing a partial antigen and genotyping can help inform about risk of alloimmunization.

Program Description: Transfusion medicine is now routinely using molecular test methods to supplement and inform blood banks and physicians about alloimmunization risk and aid in selecting the most optimal blood products. This program aims to educate blood bank staff, transfusion medicine physicians and hematology physicians about the testing that is available and to use cases to illustrate how the information can be used to personalize care.


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Speaker Biographies

Dr. Margaret Keller is the director of the AABB accredited American Red Cross National Molecular Laboratory in Philadelphia where she is involved in both donor and patient testing for red blood cell and platelet antigens. Margaret Keller received her bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from Rutgers University and her PhD in molecular genetics from the University of Pennsylvania. She has a background in the molecular genetics of hemoglobinopathies. Dr. Keller is molecular editor of the journal Immunohematology. She is American Red Cross liaison to the Molecular Testing Standards Unit of the AABB and a member of the ISBT Working Party on Red Cell Immunogenetics.

Trina Horn is the manager of the American Red Cross National Molecular Laboratory where she has worked since 2006. Trina received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Biotechnology from Thomas Jefferson University. Before joining the Red Cross, Trina worked in the hospital blood bank setting. She obtained her SBB in 2014. Trina has given multiple invited lectures at regional blood bank meetings and lectures on molecular immunohematology to SBB students, residents and fellows.