Blood Center Diversification

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Live Program Date: Wednesday, March 29, 2017 - On-Demand Available

Master Program Number: 17EL-122 (see program format numbers below under Registration)

Educational Track: Technical/Clinical 
Topic: Transfusion Medicine
Intended Audience: Physicians, Scientists, Managers/Supervisors, CEOs, CFOs, Medical Directors
Teaching Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Director/Moderator: Suchi Pandey, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Blood Centers of the Pacific/Western Division, Blood Systems, Inc., San Francisco, CA
Speakers: David Wellis, PhD, Chief Executive Officer, San Diego Blood Bank, San Diego, CA; Christopher Gresens, MD, Senior Medical Director, BloodSource, Sacramento, CA

Learning Objectives

After participating in this educational activity, participants should be able to:

  • Provide at least two reasons why blood centers are looking to diversify the products and services offered beyond traditional blood components.
  • Describe examples of innovative new products/services being offered by Blood Centers including materials for fecal transplants, source plasma, and research products such as mesenchymal stem cells.
  • Discuss the challenges in implementing these non-traditional product/service options at the Blood Center.
  • Review how blood centers and donors can participate in new population based research initiatives.

Program Description

US blood centers have increasingly started to explore options of offering products and services beyond the traditional blood components. This diversification is partly driven by the steady decline in blood utilization due to the widespread implementation of blood management. In this program, Blood Center experts will describe efforts at their respective blood centers to introduce new services and products not traditionally offered by blood centers. A few examples, which will be discussed, include banking material for fecal transplants, collecting source plasma, and producing materials for research such as mesenchymal stem cells and human platelet lysate. The advantages and challenges in implementing these innovative options will be reviewed. In addition, there is a nationwide initiative to perform more population based research studies and blood centers provide an ideal setting to participate in these studies.


   Program #
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Speaker Biographies

Dr. David Wellis is currently the CEO of the San Diego Blood Bank which serves hospitals in San Diego, LA, and Orange county.  In addition to providing hospitals with life-saving blood products, under the leadership of Dr. Wellis, the San Diego Blood Bank is implementing many new and innovative product and service options.  

Dr. Christopher Gresens is the Senior Medical Director of BloodSource which serves hospitals in the Northern California region.  Dr. Gresens provides medical consultation to hospitals and blood center staff.  In addition, Dr. Gresens has assisted BloodSource in implementing new programs such as the collection of source plasma and the banking of material for fecal transplantation.