Perinatal Cells and the Landscape of Ancillary Cord Blood Banking Services

Live Program Date: May 12, 2016 – On-Demand Available
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Topic: Cellular Therapies
Intended Audience: Cord Blood Banks, Cord Blood Clients, OB/GYNs, CEOs, Lab Managers, Marketing & Sales Managers for Cord Blood Banks
Teaching Level: Intermediate

Director/Moderator: Kyle Cetrulo, Chief Executive Officer, Auxocell Laboratories, Inc., Cambridge, MA
Speakers: Rouzbeh Taghizadeh, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, Auxocell Laboratories, Inc., Cambridge, MA; Morey Kraus, Chief Scientific Officer, Viacord, Waltham, MA; Kate Brown, PhD, Principal Scientist, Cord Blood Registry
Teaching level: Intermediate

Learning Objectives

After participating in this educational activity, participants should be able to:

  • Identify different cord tissue processing technologies.
  • Discuss the value of different cord tissue product offerings.
  • Identify what technologies Viacord utilizes and why.
  • Discuss the Auxocell Laboratories, Inc. cord tissue processing technology.

Program Description

Stem cells from perinatal tissues contain untapped life potential to treat many disorders. Sources of perinatal stem cells include umbilical cord blood, the Wharton’s Jelly of the umbilical cord, amniotic fluid, the amnion lining the amniotic cavity, the placenta itself- including chorionic mesenchymal stromal cells and multi-potent cells derived from the human term placenta and the endothelial progenitor cells collected from the umbilical cord vein. Knowledge of this source of stem cells will lead to better understanding of cells that may improve clinical outcomes. This program will discuss the Landscape of Ancillary Cord Blood Banking Services with the primary focus on cord tissue derived product offerings. Representatives of the two largest cord blood banks in the United States, Viacord and Cord Blood Registry, will share information about the products that these much respected cord blood banks offer. The Chief Scientific Officer from Auxocell Laboratories, Inc. will share information about a new cord tissue processing that is available on the market and being adopted by many cord blood banks both internationally and domestically.


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