Human Chimera

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Live Program Date: Wednesday, November 10, 2016 – On-Demand Version Available
Master Program # 164980 (see program format numbers below under Registration)

Educational Track: Technical/Clinical
Topic: Transfusion Medicine (Relationship Testing)
Intended Audience: Relationship Testing (RT) Lab Directors, RT Lab Staff, Directors & Staff of Cellular Therapies Labs if interested
Teaching Level: Intermediate

Director: Robert E. Wenk MD, MS, Chairman, AABB Relationship Testing Accreditation Unit
Moderator: Nicole Bass-Jeffrey CQIA(ASQ), Accreditation Project Manager, AABB, Bethesda, MD
Speaker: Charles Kelly, PhD, Director, IntelliGenetics, LLC, Atlanta, GA

Learning Objectives

After participating in this educational activity, participants should be able to:

  • Define chimerism.
  • Identify the ways that chimera can arise.
  • Describe how parentage or kinship tests may be affected if a tested person is a chimera.
  • Outline how human chimera are detected or discovered.

Program Description

This program describes different kinds of chimera and mosaics, how natural chimera arise in an embryo and how human chimera are discovered and proven by genetic tests. Limitations in detection and testing are discussed and indicate why the frequency of chimerism is not easily determined.


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