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Blood Banking & Transfusion Medicine 101: eCast Series

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Programs are listed by the date they will be or were recorded (live program date).


 Transfusion Medicine

01/16/18 Transgender Donors: Everything You Wanted to Know but Were Afraid to Ask! (#18EL-301)
01/31/18 Immunohematology Boot Camp: Drug Induced Hemolytic Anemia (DIHA) (#18EL-305)
02/07/18 Providing Potentially Incompatible Plasma during Bleeding Emergencies (#18EL-310)
02/28/18 Management of Obstetrical Hemorrhage and Neuro Trauma: One Size Does Not Fit All (#18EL-316)
03/07/18 Highs & Lows (and Everything In Between) Detection of Antibodies to High and Low-Incidence Antigens in Transfusion Medicine (#18EL-320)
04/11/18 Transfusion Management of the Adult ECMO Patient (#18EL-327)
05/02/18 Utilizing Employee Engagement to Reduce Turnover (#18EL-302)
05/09/18 Inventory Management: The Rural Facility, the Urban Facility, and the Blood Center (#18EL-332)
05/16/18 Pathogen Reduction - Blood Center & Hospital Perspectives and Lessons Learned (#18EL-333)
06/06/18 ABC's of BPDs (#18EL-337)
07/11/18 Case Studies on RhD Genotyping in Pregnancy (#18EL-351)
07/18/18 Immunohematology Boot Camp: Rh (#18EL-346)
08/01/18 HOT TOPIC: Challenges and Solutions to Implementation of Licensed PI for Platelets (#18EL-350)
08/22/18 Immunohematology Boot Camp: Duffy (#18EL-352)
09/05/18​ HOT TOPIC: FDA DRAFT Guidance on Bacterial Risk Control Strategies to Enhance Safety and Availability of Platelets: Pros and Cons of the Various Options (#18EL-347)
09/12/18 Immunohematology Boot Camp: Nonspecific Agglutination (#18EL-361)
10/03/18 QC Conundrums in the Blood Bank (#18EL-370)
12/07/18 HOT TOPIC: Zika Virus – What We Have Learned and A Review of FDA’s 2018 Zika Guidance (#18EL-375)
12/12/18 Tubeless Blood Bank: Tech Savor or Work Generator (Perils of Automation) (#18EL-364)
01/16/19 Patient Identification at the Time of Specimen Collection - Options for Error Prevention (#19EL-400)
01/30/19 Disaster Management - Inventory Management/Staffing (#19EL-403)
02/06/19 When Should We Culture Transfusion Reactions? Results from the SCARED Study (#19EL-405)
02/20/19 Platelet Inventory Management (#19EL-407)
02/21/19 Climate Change – Implication for the Infectious Safety of Blood, Cells and Tissues (#19EL-408)
02/27/19 Immunohematology Boot Camp Series: Monoclonal Antibody Therapy Interference and How to Avoid It (#19EL-402)
03/06/19 Prophylactic Platelet and Plasma Transfusions Prior to Procedures. What is the Evidence? (#19EL-410)
03/13/19 Options for Improved Platelet Safety Under the NEW DRAFT Guidance (#18EL-385)
03/20/19 Serious Hazards of Transfusion: Lessons Learned (#19EL-414)
04/17/19 Oh no, no O Negs! Inventory Management During Shortages (#19EL-424)
05/08/19 Transfusion-Associated Circulatory Overload (TACO) Risk Mitigation - What Can Hospital Blood Banks Do to Reduce Risk? (#19EL-449)
05/22/19 Pros and Cons of Universal Irradiation (#19EL-436)
05/29/19 Immunohematology Boot Camp Series: ABO/Le (#19EL-416)
06/05/19 Emergent Reversal of Anticoagulation Vitamin K Antagonist (VKA) and Direct Oral Anticoagulants (DOACs) (#19EL-442)
06/13/19 Blood Bank Billing and Reimbursement (#19EL-420)
06/18/19 Show Me the Money! NBF Grant Funding for Early-Stage Investigators (#19EL-446)
07/10/19 Immunohematology Boot Camp Series: HLA Antibodies - The Platelet Refractory Patient (#19EL-450)
07/24/19 Update on Testing for Emerging Transfusion-Transmitted Infections: Babesia, Zika & Dengue (#19EL-457)
08/14/19 Massive Transfusion Protocols and Indications: Urban Versus Suburban/Rural (#19EL-464)
08/28/19 Storage of Blood Products Outside the Blood Bank: Where? When? Why? and How? (#19EL-469)
09/11/19 Iron Deficiency in Blood Donors – An Update (#19EL-472)
09/17/19 Leveraging Early-Stage Funding for Career Development (#19EL-473)
09/18/19 Global Transfusion Medicine: Design of a Comprehensive and Accessible Curriculum (#19EL-474) - Complimentary and exclusive for AABB individual members
09/24/19 HOT TOPIC: Contamination in Apheresis Platelets with Acinetobacter and Staphylococcus – A Review of Recent Cases (#19EL-479)
10/02/19 Alloimmunization – Basic Science and Clinical Experience (#19EL-480)
10/09/19 Immunohematology Boot Camp Series: Titer Method & Clinical Application (#19EL-484)
11/06/19 Who, What, Where, When, Why, How of Competency Assessment (#19EL-490)
01/29/20 Changes to the 32nd Edition of Standards for Blood Banks and Transfusion Services (#20EL-505)
02/05/20 Immunohematology Case Studies Involving RHCE Genotyping (#20EL-506)
02/12/20 Ethical Issues in Transfusion Medicine and Blood Banking (#20EL-507)
02/26/20 ABO Incompatible Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplants – A Review and Impact to Transfusion (#20EL-509)
03/12/20 Leukoreduced Whole Blood for Transfusion: Validation and Routine Use (#20EL-516)
Complimentary to AABB individual members through the generous support of Terumo BCT.
03/18/20 Immunohematology Boot Camp: HPA Antibodies and FNAIT (#20EL-518)
03/31/20 AABB COVID-19 Town Hall: Prepare to Adapt: The Washington State Experience
(provided complimentary through the generous support of Commonwealth Transfusion Foundation)
04/02/20 AABB COVID-19 Town Hall: Collection Considerations During the COVID-19 Pandemic
(provided complimentary through the generous support of Commonwealth Transfusion Foundation)
04/07/20 AABB COVID-19 Town Hall: Managing Blood Inventory During the COVID-19 Pandemic
(provided complimentary through the generous support of Commonwealth Transfusion Foundation)
04/09/20 AABB COVID-19 Town Hall: Managing Operations and Facilities During the COVID-19 Pandemic
(provided complimentary through the generous support of Commonwealth Transfusion Foundation)
04/29/20 Repeat Antibody Screens: What is the Appropriate Interval? (#20EL-528)
05/05/20 AABB COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma Town Hall: Donor Recruitment Considerations
Complimentary to AABB members through the generous support of Cerus Corporation.
05/07/20 AABB COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma Town Hall: Hospital Considerations
Complimentary to AABB members through the generous support of Cerus Corporation.
05/13/20 The Story of Platelet Additive Solutions and Cold Stored Platelets (#20EL-531)
06/03/20 Molecular Testing for Red Cell Antigens in the Setting of Transplant or Chimerism (#20EL-540)
06/10/20 Transfusion Medicine Education to non-TM Physicians & Nurses (#20EL-542)
06/24/20 Immunohematology Boot Camp: Kidd/Kell (#20EL-546)
07/15/20 Implementing Whole Blood Transfusion: Perspectives from Two Institutions (#20EL-553)
07/22/20 The Transfusion Committee: How to be Effective and Sustaining (#20EL-556)
07/29/20 Autoverification in Transfusion Medicine (#20EL-558)
08/05/20 Platelet Transfusions. What’s New? (#20EL-560)
08/12/20 AABB Nonconformances Case Studies (#20EL-564)
08/19/20 Titers in the Pregnant Woman – the How and the Why? (#20EL-566)
08/26/20 Pediatric Massive Transfusion Protocols: Current and Future States of Care (#20EL-524) - [Rescheduled from 4/15]
09/09/20 Immunohematology Boot Camp: Serologic Testing Methodologies and Non-Specific Agglutination (#20EL-572)
09/23/20 Expanding Boundaries - ABOi Solid Organ Transplants (#20EL-578)
11/18/20 Addressing Common Citations from AABB and CAP – 2020 Edition (#20EL-594)

 Cellular Therapies

01/23/18 ISBT 128 Audit Tool for Cellular Therapy (#18EL-309)
02/08/18 Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T Cells: Collection and Manufacturing Challenges (#18EL-311)
04/19/18 Preventing and Responding to Microbial Contamination of Cellular Therapies (#18EL-329)
04/25/18 HOT TOPIC: Harnessing the Power of Cellular Products for Regeneration and Immunotherapy (#18EL-330)
05/17/18 Microtransplantation and Other Novel Non-Engrafting Cellular Therapies (#18EL-334)
07/26/18 Gene Therapy for Severe Combined Immunodeficiency Syndrome (SCID) (#18EL-348)
09/06/18 Cord Blood - Where Are We 30 Years On? (Anniversary of the First Transplant (1988)) (#18EL-360)
09/27/18 Métodos para Tipificación Molecular de los Genes HLA (#18EL-365) - [Spanish speaking eCast]
02/14/19 Perinatal and Cord Tissue Products (#19EL-406)
Climate Change – Implication for the Infectious Safety of Blood, Cells and Tissues (#19EL-408)
Significant Changes to the 9th Edition of Standards for Cellular Therapy Services (#19EL-434)
Emergency Management – Hurricanes, Floods, Fires, Snow and Ice, and National & International Threats (#19EL-454)
Qualifying Cord Blood Research Products for Legitimate Applications (#19EL-462)
Novel Approaches for Stem Cell Mobilization (#20EL-526)
Updates on Current States of Cord Blood Expansion Technologies (#20EL-551)
How to Get Away with Murder (of Microorganisms): A Guide to Laboratory Disinfection (#20EL-576)