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eCasts On-Demand

If you're not able to attend the live eCast, register for the on-demand version and participate at your convenience (once the recorded program is available). Flexible, self-paced programs on your schedule taken anywhere with any device. Purchase the live and on-demand version as a package – attend the live program and re-experience the recorded program with the same or new learners (Group Viewing only).

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eCasts On-Demand (by Topic)

Programs are listed by the date they will be or were recorded (live program date).


 Cellular Therapies

02/23/17 Apheresis Optimization in Gene and Immunotherapy Development in Non-Mobilized Patients and Donors (#113)
03/30/17 Expanded Use of Donor Lymphocyte Infusion (DLI) (#123)
04/05/17 Significant Changes to the 8th Edition of Standards for Cellular Therapy Services (#125)
05/11/17Microbiology Lab in Cell Therapy Facility: Operational Aspects and Merits (#134)  - NEW
06/08/17 Donor Safety and Selection of Donors (#140)
09/21/17Zika Virus: Donor Screening and Handling CT Products in the Face of Emerging Viruses (#160) - NEW​
05/12/16 Perinatal Cells and the Landscape of Ancillary Cord Blood Banking Services (#1610) 
06/22/16 Adipose-Derived Stem Cell Banking for Reconstructive and Regenerative Medicine (#1611) 
08/04/16 Human Platelet Lysate Use in the Production of Cellular Therapies: Current State of the Art and Challenges to be Resolved (#1613) 
08/18/16 Regenerative Medicine in Ocular Therapy: What Applications are in Clinical Translation (#1612) 
02/19/15 Reducing Microbial Contamination in CT Products (#1510)
03/26/15 Programs/Methods Used in Training Staff in CB/Apheresis Collections (#1513)
03/31/15 Accelerating Cellular Therapies to the Patient (#1512)
05/07/15 Survey of New Applications: Experiences with the Amicus, Terumo BCT Quantum and Miltenyi Prodigy (#1514)
08/06/15 Technical Topic Medley-How Cellular Therapy Facilities Handle Daily Occurrences and Quality Issues with the Available Resources (#1516)
08/20/15 Workload Justification and Staffing (#1517)
09/24/15 Topical Application and Bio-printing of Cells for Regenerative Medicine Applications (#1518)
10/01/15 Platelet Rich Plasma in Regenerative Medicine (#1519)
11/12/15 Supplier Quality Agreements for Cellular Therapy Products (#1521)
11/19/15 Funding Strategies for Cord Blood Banks (#1515)

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