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​02/22PBM Metrics - What You Need to Know (#18EL-314)
​02/28 Management of Obstetrical Hemorrhage and Neuro Trauma: One Size Does Not Fit All (#18EL-316)
​03/07 Highs & Lows (and Everything In Between) Detection of Antibodies to High and Low-Incidence Antigens in Transfusion Medicine (#18EL-320)
​03/20Hemovigilance 101 (#18EL-322) - [Rescheduled from March 13]
04/05Georgetown University Hospital–PBM certification Level I (#18EL-326)
​04/11 Transfusion Management of the Adult ECMO Patient (#18EL-327)
​04/17 Donor Hemovigilance: DonorHART Demo and Recent Findings (#18EL-328)
​04/19 Preventing and Responding to Microbial Contamination of Cellular Therapies (#18EL-329)
​04/25 ​HOT TOPIC: Harnessing the Power of Cellular Products for Regeneration and Immunotherapy (#18EL-330)
​05/01Donor Hemovigilance Interventions (#18EL-335)
​05/02Utilizing Employee Engagement to Reduce Turnover (#18EL-302) – [Rescheduled from 01/24/18]
05/03​PBM Education for Physicians (Institution Wide Requirement) – Mayo Clinic Experience (#18EL-331)
​05/09 Inventory Management: The Rural Facility, the Urban Facility, and the Blood Center (#18EL-332)
​05/16 Pathogen Reduction - Blood Center & Hospital Perspectives and Lessons Learned (#18EL-333)
​05/17 Microtransplantation and Other Novel Non-Engrafting Cellular Therapies (#18EL-334)
​06/06 ABC's of BPDs (#18EL-337)
​06/12 Development and Use of a Universal Transfusion Adverse Event Form (#18EL-338)
​06/14SANGUINATE - PEGylated Bovine Carboxyhemoglobin (SANGUINATE™) (#18EL-339)
07/18​Immunohematology Boot Camp: Rh (#18EL-346)
​07/26Gene Therapy for Severe Combined Immunodeficiency Syndrome (SCID) (#18EL-348)
​08/15 Case Studies on RhD Genotyping in Pregnancy (#18EL-351)
​08/22Immunohematology Boot Camp: Duffy (#18EL-352)
​09/12 Immunohematology Boot Camp: Nonspecific Agglutination (#18EL-361)
​09/18TACO and Beyond (#18EL-362)
​09/26 Tubeless Blood Bank: Tech Savor or Work Generator (Perils of Automation) (#18EL-364)
​10/03 QC Conundrums in the Blood Bank (#18EL-370)
​10/25 Whole Blood Use in Trauma Resuscitation: Mayo Experience (#18EL-373) - NEW
​11/06Hemovigilance Benchmarking and Education: What Are You Missing by Not Participating in a PSO? (#18EL-377)
​11/14 Addressing Common Citations from AABB and CAP (#18EL-380)
​12/05 Implementing the Final Guidance on Enhancing PLT Safety (#18EL-385)

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