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Calendar of Events

HOT TOPIC: Harnessing the Power of Cellular Products for Regeneration and Immunotherapy (#18EL-330)
April 25
AABB eCast

Donor Hemovigilance Interventions (#18EL-335)
May 1
AABB eCast

Utilizing Employee Engagement to Reduce Turnover (#18EL-302)
May 2
AABB eCast

PBM Education for Physicians (Institution Wide Requirement) – Mayo Clinic Experience (#18EL-331)
May 3
AABB eCast

Inventory Management: The Rural Facility, the Urban Facility, and the Blood Center (#18EL-332)
May 9
AABB eCast

Pathogen Reduction - Blood Center & Hospital Perspectives and Lessons Learned (#18EL-333)
May 16
AABB eCast

Microtransplantation and Other Novel Non-Engrafting Cellular Therapies (#18EL-334)
May 17
AABB eCast

ISBT Annual Meeting
June 2 - 6
Annual Conference

ABC's of BPDs (#18EL-337)
June 6
AABB eCast

Development and Use of a Universal Transfusion Adverse Event Form (#18EL-338)
June 12
AABB eCast

SANGUINATE - PEGylated Bovine Carboxyhemoglobin (SANGUINATE™) (#18EL-339)
June 14
AABB eCast

16th International Cord Blood Symposium
June 14 - 16
AABB Conference

Case Studies on RhD Genotyping in Pregnancy (#18EL-351)
July 11
AABB eCast

Immunohematology Boot Camp: Rh (#18EL-346)
July 18
AABB eCast

Gene Therapy for Severe Combined Immunodeficiency Syndrome (SCID) (#18EL-348)
July 26
AABB eCast

HOT TOPIC: Challenges and Solutions to Implementation of Licensed PI for Platelets (#18EL-350)
August 1
AABB eCast

Immunohematology Boot Camp: Duffy (#18EL-352)
August 22
AABB eCast

Immunohematology Boot Camp: Nonspecific Agglutination (#18EL-361)
September 12
AABB eCast

TACO and Beyond (#18EL-362)
September 18
AABB eCast

Patient Blood Management Certification: “We’re Certifiable”
September 19
The Joint Commission Webinar

Tubeless Blood Bank: Tech Savor or Work Generator (Perils of Automation) (#18EL-364)
September 26
AABB eCast

Métodos para Tipificación Molecular de los Genes HLA (#18EL-365) - [Spanish speaking eCast]
September 27
AABB eCast

QC Conundrums in the Blood Bank (#18EL-370)
October 3
AABB eCast

2018 AABB Annual Meeting
October 13 -16
AABB Conference​

Whole Blood Use in Trauma Resuscitation: Mayo Experience (#18EL-373)
October 25
AABB eCast​

Hemovigilance Benchmarking and Education: What Are You Missing by Not Participating in a PSO? (#18EL-377)
November 6
AABB eCast

Patient Blood Management in Oncology Patients (#18EL-378)
November 8
AABB eCast

Addressing Common Citations from AABB and CAP (#18EL-380)
November 14
AABB eCast

Implementing the Final Guidance on Enhancing PLT Safety (#18EL-385)
December 5
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