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Meetings & Events 

In support of the association's mission to advance the practice and standards of transfusion medicine and cellular therapies, AABB both offers its own educational programming and shares information about other learning opportunities within the field. This section includes information on the association's flagship event, the AABB Annual Meeting; its audiconference series held throughout the year; and periodic workshops offered on topics of interest to transfusion and cellular therapy professionals. It also provides a link to a section on government/advisory committee meetings AABB participates in or hosts as well as to a calendar of community events.

2014 Schedule

Check out the latest schedule and plan out your entire year. The shapes correspond to the dates on the 2014 Educational Calendar-at-a-glance.

Cellular Therapy Audioconferences
All cellular therapy-focused audioconferences are denoted by an *.
Cellular Therapy Webinars
Leadership Management Audioconferences
Patient Blood Management Webinars
Download the 2014 Educational Calendar-at-a-glance.

For questions, contact the AABB Professional Development Department at +1.301.215.6482 or professionaldevelopment@aabb.org.

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