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AABB > Meetings & Events > Public Workshop: Current Perspectives on TRALI Risk Reduction

Public Workshop: Current Perspectives on TRALI Risk Reduction 

On Monday, July 8, 2013 AABB presented the following program.  


In 2001, AABB identified Transfusion-Related Acute Lung Injury (TRALI) as a non-infectious serious hazard of transfusion. At the time, AABB sought to increase awareness and promote discussion of an adverse event that was poorly understood and underrecognized. Significant research has helped to further establish the mechanisms and risks of TRALI. Through standards-setting and through the dissemination of information by way of Association Bulletins, AABB has required and recommended the implementation of a number of interventions to reduce the risk of TRALI. In April 2013, AABB proposed additional standards for TRALI risk reduction that are expected to impact the operations of blood collection facilities.

This workshop is scheduled to take place at the end of the comment period for the 29th edition of Standards for Blood Banks and Transfusion Services, which includes the additional TRALI risk reduction requirements. Feedback provided during the conference will be considered by the Blood Bank/Transfusion Service Standards Program Unit before a final recommendation on the standards is provided to the AABB Board of Directors.

In addition to discussing current perspectives on the pathogenesis and incidence of TRALI, speakers will highlight recent data from the United States and Europe on TRALI incidence. Attendees will also learn about the efficacy of a wide range of TRALI risk reduction interventions, and their respective operational considerations.

Review the agenda

For more information about the conference, please contact the Education and Professional Development Department at professionaldevelopment@aabb.org or call +1.301.215.6482.


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