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Advisory Committee on Blood and Tissue Safety and Availability
Blood Products Advisory Committee
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Blood Products Advisory Committee 

The Blood Products Advisory Committee advises the FDA commissioner on issues that help ensure safe and effective biological products and related medical devices. Members of the committee — which include authorities knowledgeable in the fields of medicine, hematology, blood banking, and other related professions — review and evaluate available data on blood products intended for use in the diagnosis, prevention or treatment of human diseases and make recommendations about labeling, clinical and laboratory studies, approval or revocation of licenses, and on the quality and relevance of FDA’s research program, which provides the scientific support for regulating these products.

This section includes information on current and past committee meetings, including meeting summaries, resources and analysis as well as quick links to other relevant materials.

BPAC Meeting - 11/1/13
BPAC Meeting – 12/4-12/5/12
BPAC Meeting – 9/20-9/21/12
BPAC Meeting – 5/15-5/16/12
BPAC Meeting – 8/2-8/3/11
BPAC Meeting – 4/28-4/29/11
BPAC Meeting – 12/14-12/15/10
BPAC Meeting – 7/26-7/27/10
BPAC Meeting – 11/16-11/17/09
BPAC Meeting – 4/1-4/2/09
BPAC Meeting – 9/10-9/11/08
BPAC Meeting – 8/16/07
BPAC Meeting – 4/26-4/27/07
BPAC Meeting – 12/14/06


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