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Instructions for Participating in AABB HUB Discussions

  1. From the AABB home page, click on Membership > AABB HUB.
  2. Click on “Enter the AABB HUB.” This requires an AABB individual member login. If you have forgotten your login, contact AABB customer service at +1.301.215.6489 or
  3. Once on the AABB HUB, click on the “Discussion Groups” tab in the red navigation bar or on the “Discussion Groups” box.

 AABB HUB Screenshot 1

  1. Click a topic to join in the conversation.

AABB HUB Screenshot 2 

  1. Or select a topic directly from the dropdown menu.

AABB HUB Screenshot 3 

Setting Up Alerts

In your selected group, click the envelope icon on the left tab to subscribe to alerts. Any subsequent posting will generate an email alert to your mailbox, which will enable you to start or reply to a thread via email.

AABB HUB Screenshot 4 

Uploading Your Picture

To upload your picture follow these four steps.

  1. Mouse over “My Options” in the upper right corner of any window and select "My Page."
  2. Click the “Update Picture” button.
  3. On the pop up that opens, select “Update File” and browse for a picture on your hard drive.
  4. Click “OK.”

AABB HUB Screenshot 5 

For assistance, contact