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For Immediate Release
October 17, 2016
AABB Communications Department
Tyniah Christian
AABB Presents Inaugural RISE Award for Innovative Research

Bethesda, Md. – AABB announced today a new award – the RISE Award – recognizing the best original research article in the TRANSFUSION journal. The first RISE Award is being given to the article “Prophylactic anti-d preparations display variable decreases in fc-fucosylation of anti-d,” published in the 2015 volume year of TRANSFUSION. All 10 authors of the article will be honored for research innovation in scientific excellence at the AABB Annual Meeting to be held Oct. 22-25, in Orlando, Fla.

"I cannot think of a more satisfying demonstration of excellence than the recognition by one's peers for outstanding work," said Paul Ness, MD, editor of TRANSFUSION and Director of the Division of Transfusion Medicine at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

The awarded research may improve the prevention of hemolytic disease of the fetus and newborn, which can occur when a mother's blood type does not match the infant’s. Most commonly this occurs if the mother is negative for the RhD blood group, but the infant is positive. When this happens the mother's body can produce antibodies that attack and kill the infant’s red cells, which can result in anemia, brain dysfunction and even death. RhD-negative mothers are typically given a blood derivative at around 28 weeks of gestation to prevent the development of these antibodies.

The RISE Award recognizes impeccable study design, innovation, significance and effective communication in any area of knowledge covered by TRANSFUSION, AABB’s scholarly, peer-reviewed monthly journal. TRANSFUSION publishes the latest technological advances, clinical research and controversial issues related to transfusion medicine, patient blood management, cellular and gene therapies, and tissue transplantation.

Authors of the 2016 RISE Award-winning article:
  • Agnes Hipgrave Ederveen, MD
  • Belinda M. Kumpel, MD
  • Ellen van der Schoot, MD, PhD
  • Gestur Vidarsson, PhD
  • Luciana Della Valle, MS, PhD (pend)
  • Prof. dr. Manfred Wuhrer
  • Masja de Haas, MD, PhD
  • Onno J H M Verhagen, MD
  • Peter Ligthart, MD
  • Rick Kapur, MD

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