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For Immediate Release
September 16, 2013 
Contact: Public Relations  

 Transfusion Medicine and Cellular Therapies Professionals to Gather in Denver to Discuss Latest Developments at AABB Annual Meeting and CTTXPO 

WHEN: Saturday, Oct. 12 - Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2013
WHERE: Colorado Convention Center
700 14th Street
Denver, Colo.

Educational programs and discussions will include:

The Basic Biology of Transfusion-Related Acute Lung Injury (TRALI) (9407-S)

Transfusion-related acute lung injury, or TRALI, is currently ranked as one of the most serious complications of blood transfusion. It is believed that the majority of TRALI reactions are associated with the presence of human leukocyte antigen, or HLA, and neutrophil antibodies in the transfused products that stimulate the production of reactive oxygen species, or ROS, by pulmonary neutrophils, which damages pulmonary vessel endothelium. There have been several animal models of human TRALI including, for example, ex-vivo lung and in-vivo models demonstrating how antibodies and biological response modifiers can induce lung damage in transfusion recipients. Newer animal models have utilized monoclonal anti-MHC Class I antibodies that cause significant increases in excess lung water, lung vascular permeability and mortality. These latter models have, however, generated controversial findings as different laboratories have discovered widely varied mechanisms of lung damage (e.g., Fc-dependent neutrophil activation versus macrophage and complement activation). Three speakers will highlight the various animal models of TRALI and discuss the controversies associated with them. During the session, an attempt will be made to formulate a unified hypothesis of how TRALI pathophysiology is mediated.

Ask the FDA and CMS (9339-QE)

This event provides an opportunity for discussion of FDA and CLIA policies, regulations, guidance documents and inspection programs that are relevant to the oversight of blood and cellular therapy programs. Questions for the discussion are submitted before the scheduled session via the AABB website and at kiosks in the Cyber Connection, located in the Colorado Convention Center.

Additional Topics of Interest will Include:

Other Highlights

  • Opening Session featuring Aron Ralston, author of the book "Between a Rock and a Hard Place"
  • CTTXPO Exhibit Hall opening on Saturday – featuring more than 200 exhibiting companies

To receive a complimentary press registration, contact +1.301.215.6526, or email publicrelations@aabb.org. For more information about AABB's Annual Meeting, visit: www.aabb.org > Meetings and Events > Annual Meeting and CTTXPO.


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