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AABB Center for Patient Safety

The AABB Center for Patient Safety, listed as a component Patient Safety Organization (PSO) of the AABB in December 2008, is dedicated to analyzing data on adverse reactions and incidents associated with blood transfusion, in a confidential and protected environment. The goal of these analyses is to identify and communicate best practices and to design interventions to improve patient safety.

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The AABB Center for Patient Safety, a component PSO, operates independently of AABB and its accreditation programs.

* Patient safety organizations, or PSOs, are organizations dedicated to improving patient safety and the quality of health care delivery. The Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act of 2005 authorizes the creation of PSOs to improve safety and quality through the collection and analysis of data on adverse events and medical errors. By providing legal privilege and confidentiality protections, PSOs create a secure environment where health care providers can report, aggregate, and analyze patient safety data that enable the identification and reduction of risks and hazards associated with patient care.