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Introducing the AABB UnCommon Good Program

Our mission is to provide quick access to a centralized database for Transfusion Services or Blood Centers to locate antigen-negative units to serve the population of patients who need them. We understand how critical finding these blood units is in ensuring patient safety and improving transfusion care.

The system is a real-time inventory of products and provides electronic access to multiple member inventories, facilitating easy online searches. You can either post your available inventory or search inventory from other participating centers featuring extended antigen profiles to meet your patients’ specific needs.

Who Can Participate?

  1. Providers – AABB Accredited Institutional Members providing/selling/shipping uncommon units, and/or
  2. Requesters – those requesting/purchasing uncommon units.

To learn more about participation in the program, please complete the UnCommon Good Program Form.

What are the Benefits?

  • Post units available in your inventory on the online platform
  • Respond to issued requests from blood centers, hospitals, and other program members
  • Search for antigen-negative units
  • Issue a request to AABB UnCommon Good Program member providers for a specific need


While providers pay program fees of $750 annually and $90 per unit, organizations that would like to request an uncommon unit do not need to pay an annual participant fee or be an AABB Accredited Institutional Member.

Whether you fit the criteria for a provider, requester or both, the UnCommon Good Program is here to meet your needs and improve patient care.

To learn more about the program, please complete the UnCommon Good Program Form.