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AABB Hemovigilance

Since 2006, AABB has been spearheading an effort to establish the first-ever national, public-private collaboration to track adverse reactions and incidents associated with blood collection and transfusion as well as tissue, organ, and cell therapy transplantation. The collaboration — known as the U.S. Biovigilance Network — involves gathering and analysis of data to help identify trends and recommend best practices and interventions intended to significantly improve patient care and safety while reducing overall costs to the health care system.

This section includes the latest information on the development of the U.S. Biovigilance Network, along with two related elements that form the basis of the national system: the West Nile Virus Biovigilance Network, and Chagas Biovigilance Network. It also covers another AABB data collection initiative, the Blood Survey.

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U.S. Biovigilance Network
Chagas Biovigilance Network
West Nile Virus Biovigilance Network
AABB Blood Survey
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