Through participation in the US Biovigilance Network, health care facilities across the country can work together to help reduce adverse events associated with transfusions and improve overall patient safety and care.

To enroll in the Hemovigilance Module, interested participants must contact their hospital's NHSN facility administrator. Interested facilities should refer to the Checklist to determine NHSN status for specific enrollment steps.

During the enrollment process, the hospital's transfusion service can begin adopting the standardized protocol and definitions and begin training staff on protocols and procedures. Once these steps are completed, the facility can begin capturing data in the Hemovigilance Module.

AABB can work with facilities to ensure their successful enrollment. Hospital representatives should complete an 'Intent to Participate' Form to notify AABB of their interest.

To share data with AABB, facilities must join AABB's Transfusion Safety Group within the NHSN. NHSN Hemovigilance Module administrators can enroll their facilities in the AABB group. Interested facilities should refer to the Checklist for the necessary instructions and passwords to enroll in AABB's group.

Prior to enrolling in AABB's group, facilities should sign protective agreements to assure the confidentiality of all shared data. To protect patient data, facilities must complete the HIPAA Business Associate Agreement. They also must complete the Participation and Confidentiality Agreement; this contract protects providers who report data into the system and analyze these data. Executed agreements all should be returned to AABB.