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2014 Cellular Therapies Webinar Series
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About AABB Standards and Accreditation for Cellular Therapies
Cellular Therapies Subsections Projects
Directory of Training Opportunities for Cellular Therapies
ISBT 128 for Cellular Therapy
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AABB Center for Cellular Therapies 

AABB is the premier organization in standards setting, accrediting facilities and delivering education. Our Center for Cellular Therapies is dedicated to cellular therapy professionals and institutions alike; fostering patient safety, responsible innovation, and professional development in cellular therapies and regenerative medicine.

The AABB Center for Cellular Therapies offers:

  • Activities in specific topic areas through enrollment in its subsections
  • Networking opportunities via social media and subsection membership
  • Educational programs (webinars, audioconferences)
  • A variety of electronic communications and resources
  • Access to AABB's peer-reviewed journal, TRANSFUSION
  • Standards for all aspects of product manufacturing and clinical activities
  • Accreditation of cellular therapy facilities and clinical activities
  • Regulatory support and analyses
  • Consulting services for facilities and programs

Get Involved - Networking Opportunities

Enroll in a subsection. Keep current on cellular therapies while networking with other professionals. Through membership in the Center’s Cellular Therapies Subsections, all AABB individual members have access to other professionals as well as educational materials produced by the subsections that cover a variety of topics. The subsections play an important part of the overall structure of the Center’s Cellular Therapies Section.

Items of Interest

Regulatory Toolkit
Summary of Significant Changes - Standards for Cellular Therapy Services, 6th edition
Training Opportunities Submission Form
AABB Cellular Therapy Initiatives (ISBT Science Series) (PDF) 
CLIA and Cellular Therapy Laboratories – Frequently Asked Questions
ISBT 128 for Cellular Therapy

Meetings and Collaborations

FDA Liaison Meeting 11/19/12
      Past Meetings
Alliance for Harmonisation of Cellular Therapy Accreditation (AHCTA)
Biopreservation Research Consortium

Social Media
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