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Remarks by Darrell Triulzi, MD 

The following excerpt is from Dr. Triulzi's presentation during the New Member Breakfast (October 23, 2011) at the 2011 AABB Annual Meeting and CTTXPO.

. . . As Jim [AuBuchon] mentioned during his opening session remarks, AABB has made great strides this past year to further enhance our mission of optimizing patient and donor care and safety by focusing on three key strategic initiatives: patient blood management, cellular therapies, and biovigilance. I will continue leading these important strategic initiatives with YOUR involvement.

With regards to patient blood management, recent economic and operational pressures are leading key industry thinkers to examine appropriate blood usage with renewed interest and vigor. Hospitals are eager to improve patient safety and clinical outcomes, while also reducing the use of allogeneic blood components. Patient blood management programs can achieve these goals by introducing strategies to manage patients without transfusion and optimizing practice in patients who do need transfusion. It is imperative that we get the right blood to the right patient at the right time.

I would like to thank Jim AuBuchon and the Board Ad Hoc Committee on Blood Management for developing our newest product called Getting Started in Patient Blood Management. My belief is that this online primer will be the basis for an effective blood management initiative, reaching out beyond the traditional transfusion service roles and involving all the clinical disciplines that transfuse blood.

In the coming year, AABB will augment its existing resources for patient blood management with additional educational programs for our members.

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