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AABB > Resource Center > AABB Community > Instructions for Joining the AABB Community Groups

Instructions for Joining the AABB Community Groups 

  1. From the AABB homepage, click on Resource Center > AABB Community.

  2. Click on "Enter the AABB Community". This requires an AABB individual member login. If you have forgotten your login, contact AABB customer service at +1.301.215.6489 or membership@aabb.org.

  1. Once in the "AABB Community," click on "Groups" on the top, dark blue menu bar and you will see a list of ten topic-driven discussion groups. Select any group. To join, click on the light blue "Join this Group" button (do this for any other group you are interested in joining, i.e. Transfusion Practices).

  1. A "My Network" menu appearing on the left-hand side of the screen will show the group(s) you have joined. If you wish, you can enter your profile and upload your photo by clicking on "My Profile" and "Edit Your Profile." My Alerts' shows alerts from discussion groups. You must actively set up "My Alerts."

Setting up "Alerts"

To receive alerts on postings to a discussion group, go to the group and click on "Discussions." You will see a "bell" icon as shown in the picture below (follow the red arrow). Place the cursor over the bell. It will display "Alert me on the discussions." Click on the bell icon to receive alerts for this group (for other group alerts, go to that group page and follow same procedure). Any subsequent posting will generate an email alert with the body of the posting to your mailbox. Clicking on the bell again will turn off alerts.

For assistance, contact webmaster@aabb.org.

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