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AABB Digital Downloads Frequently Asked Questions 

Cost and Payments

I'm an AABB member; why do I have to pay for a Digital Download?

The primary cost in developing an AABB book is in the creation of the quality content. The actual book printing costs are marginal by comparison. The decision to offer publications and excerpts of publications in a downloadable format comes in response to member requests. All AABB publications -- digital and paper -- are offered to members at a discounted rate.

How do I pay for a Digital Download?

You can purchase AABB's Digital Downloads right from the AABB Marketplace with a valid credit card. If you are a member, you must sign-in to your account to receive your discounted member price, which will be applied at check-out. If you are having technical issues with purchasing online, please contact our sales department at +1.866.222.2498 or inside the US at +1.301.215.6489.

Do you accept Purchase Orders?

Purchase orders without accompanying payment will be accepted only from city, state, and federal agencies. This must be a standard government form issued by the purchasing office of the city, state, or federal treasury. Purchase orders can be faxed or mailed to the AABB Sales Department with an accompanying order form.

Do you have discounts for AABB Members?

Yes, we offer discounted rates to AABB members on all publications. You must sign in to receive your discounted member price, which will be applied at check-out.

Selection of Content Offered

Do you offer bundles for purchasing both the hard copy of the book and a Digital Download version of the book?

At this time we do not offer bundled pricing for the print and digital books/chapters. Please let us know if this is something that you would find valuable by contacting our sales department at +1.866.222.2498 or inside the US at +1.301.215.6489 or emailing membership@aabb.org.

Why isn't the Technical Manual offered as a Digital Download?

The Technical Manual 17th edition will be available in electronic format on CD-ROM through the AABB Marketplace and select chapters from this edition will also be offered as Digital Downloads later in 2011. Chapters that focus on cellular therapies will be available as an updated edition of Core Principles in Cellular Therapy, 2nd edition.

Does AABB plan to offer entire books as Digital Downloads?

In addition to including digital chapters, the Digital Download program launched with four full Guidelines books. AABB intends to offer a wider selection of entire books as Digital Downloads in the near future. However, in part because of input on the member survey, it was decided to focus primarily on chapters for the launch. Check back periodically to find full texts available in digital format.

How does AABB choose which chapters are offered as Digital Downloads?

The goal is to make all AABB publications available electronically. For the program launch, one chapter was selected from most of the AABB Press books in the 2011 Publications Catalog as well as four full Guidelines. These chapters were selected for reasons that included their interest to readers, their general representation of the entire source book, and their lack of tables or figures for which AABB does not hold rights for electronic use, among other reasons. Staff expects to upload additional material each month, and will announce new postings as they occur in Membership communications vehicles such as AABB Weekly Report.

Security, Firewalls and System Requirements

What system requirements and updates will I need to download and read a Digital Download?

You will need to have Adobe 6.0 or higher to open and read the PDF. You can download the most current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader by clicking here.

Format and functions

Will it work on my handheld device (e.g., smartphone, Kindle®, iPad®, Sony Reader ®, etc.?)

You will be able to download and read an AABB Digital Download on any device that can read a PDF in Abobe Acrobat Reader version 6.0 or higher.

Can I cut, copy, paste, highlight, add notes and print my copy of the Digital Download?

You will be able to print out the Digital Download, copy it to another file, and highlight the text. You will not be able to edit the original download or extract it. Your capabilities will generally be governed by the device and the version of Abobe Acrobat Reader that you are using. For example, if you are accessing the content on a desktop or laptop computer with the most current version of Abobe Acrobat Reader (v.10.x), you will have all of the capabilities afforded by the version of Adobe Acrobat reader including comments, sticky notes, etc. However if you are accessing on an iPhone, for example, you will not have the capability to highlight or add notes as that is not a functionality of the device as it relates to pdfs.

Downloading PDF/Digital Downloads

How soon after purchase is it available for download?


Is there a limit to the number of downloads?

Yes, you may download the file three times.

Will the files be available indefinitely after purchase?

No, the file must be downloaded within three months of purchase.

Where do I go for subsequent downloads following my initial purchase?

If you have purchased digital products, please login to the AABB website and go to the "My Account Profile > My Downloads" section to access the download. You will have access to the file for 90 days from the date of purchase. For login assistance, please contact AABB Customer Support.

Usage/Multiple Users

Can I purchase a Digital Download and upload it to our server to share?

If you would like to purchase a network license for an AABB Digital Download product, this can be arranged by contacting the sales department at +1.866.222.2498 or inside the US at +1.301.215.6489. Otherwise, Digital Downloads are intended for single users.

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