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California Deemed Status

AABB Granted Deemed Status by California

The California Department of Public Health, Laboratory Field Services, announced recently that it has granted AABB deemed status. As of May 21, all facilities subject to inspection by California state inspectors can opt to have AABB perform their California inspection as an accrediting organization. This change will allow facilities to have only one assessment performed by AABB assessors, reducing duplicative inspections of blood centers, hospital blood banks, transfusion services and cellular therapy services by state inspectors. Contact with any questions.

What does this mean for laboratories or laboratory professionals?

Under state law, providers are required to hold a valid license or registration to operate. Any facility in or out of the state, that will be performing testing on California patients, will continue to be responsible for maintaining a valid state license or registration. Laboratory supervisors and other personnel will continue to work with LFS to keep any professional licenses or certifications required to work in laboratory medicine (e.g. phlebotomists, CLS license). However, if you are AABB-accredited, your AABB survey and accreditation is seen as an alternative to the biennial state inspection and oversight. Your AABB survey will meet both state and federal laws and regulations.

How can I find out more information?

Contact with any questions.