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Medication Deferral List Revisions, Submit Comments and Questions

Comments and Questions

Please contact with your questions and comments on the MDL, new drugs, or other regulatory issues.

Updates to the MDL

The Medication Deferral List (MDL) Working Group is a sub group of the AABB Donor History Task Force, and maintains the MDL. The MDL WG updates the MDL as new information comes to the attention of AABB.

Based on the ever increasing number of new drug approvals, the MDL WG uses several resources to identify new concerns that require evaluation for risks associated with blood donation. The MDL WG:

  • Solicits information from pharmacy professionals.
  • Reviews new information from FDA.
  • Relies on the comments and questions submitted to the Regulatory Affairs staff (

Blood establishments may either replace their current medication list with the v2.0 MDL containing AABB’s updates (refer to the DHQ webpage) or modify their own materials. Under 21 CFR 601.12(d), licensed blood establishments are required to report this minor change and its implementation date in their next annual report.

History of Additions and Revisions to the v2.0 MDL


Revised November 2017: Newly added to the MDL based on:

“Anti-platelet agents” and “Anticoagulants or “blood thinners”
Revised November 2017: These sections were revised for clarification and consistency


Revised April 2017: Change in deferral period from 7 months to 24 months. Updated based on: