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AABB Blood Banking and Transfusion Medicine 101

Product Code: 20EL-500-2035

In this program, you receive access to 24 recorded presentations in varying lengths covering 24 subtopics as outlined in the program syllabus.

This program is for individuals and discounts for multiple registrations are available (group viewing is not available).

AABB developed this course focusing on the fundamentals of blood banking and transfusion medicine. Designed for early-career professionals or those looking to refresh their knowledge, AABB’s Blood Banking & Transfusion Medicine 101 course provides a thorough overview about blood banking and transfusion medicine from top experts in the field.

Program Format

The program will consist of 24 recorded presentations in varying lengths covering 24 subtopics within the 4 main topics as outlined below. This program is housed in the AABB Education Platform. Learners will have unlimited access to the content for up to 2 years.

Content Overview

This course will be broken into 4 main topics with 24 subtopics:

Topic 1: Industry Review/Overview

  • Overview of the Blood Pipeline
  • Ecology of Blood
  • Blood Banking: Global Environment
  • Transfusion Medicine as Applied Immunology
  • Transfusion Medicine as Applied Coagulation
  • Transfusion Medicine for Oxygen Delivery
  • Challenges in this area

Topic 2: Blood Banking Fundamentals

  • Blood Centers 101
  • Infectious Disease Screening – History and Present
  • Requirements for Storage and Expiration
  • Principles of Blood Supply Safety
  • Directed & Autologous Donors
  • Challenges in this Area

Topic 3: Transfusion Medicine Fundamentals

  • Blood Products and Indications on Why You Would Transfuse Each
  • ABO Typing & Antibody Screening/Identification and Crossmatching – Why is This Important
  • Sequencing (Vein to Vein Pipeline) - Where is Activity Occurring and What Sequence
  • Adverse Effects of Blood Transfusion
  • Challenges in this Area

Topic 4: Regulatory/Compliance Deep Dive

  • Regulatory Bodies
  • Report (What and Why)
  • Special Requirements for Facilities and Safety
  • Irradiation
  • Roles of the Players & Groups
  • Challenges in this Area

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