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AABB Blood Banking & Transfusion Medicine 101: eCast Series

Product Code: 20EL-500-2035

In this series, you receive access to 24 on-demand eCasts in varying lengths covering 24 subtopics as outlined in the program syllabus. There will also be an opportunity to participate on a web call to address content-related questions.

This program is for individuals and discounts for multiple registrations are available (group viewing is not available).

AABB has developed a new education series focusing on the fundamentals of blood banking and transfusion medicine. Designed for early-career professionals or those looking to refresh their knowledge, AABB’s Blood Banking & Transfusion Medicine 101 eCast Series provides a thorough overview about blood banking and transfusion medicine from top experts in the field.

Program Format

The program will consist of 24 on-demand recorded eCasts in varying lengths covering 24 subtopics within the 4 main topics as outlined below. This program is housed in the AABB Education Platform. Learners will have unlimited access to the content for up to 2 years.

AABB will also provide an opportunity for learners to submit content questions and will host a live web call to address those questions. Additional Q&A calls may be scheduled based on learner feedback.

Content Overview

This eCast series will be broken into 4 main topics with 24 subtopics:

Topic 1: Industry Review/Overview

  • Overview of the Blood Pipeline
  • Ecology of Blood
  • Blood Banking: Global Environment
  • Transfusion Medicine as Applied Immunology
  • Transfusion Medicine as Applied Coagulation
  • Transfusion Medicine for Oxygen Delivery
  • Challenges in this area

Topic 2: Blood Banking Fundamentals

  • Blood Centers 101
  • Infectious Disease Screening – History and Present
  • Requirements for Storage and Expiration
  • Principles of Blood Supply Safety
  • Directed & Autologous Donors
  • Challenges in this Area

Topic 3: Transfusion Medicine Fundamentals

  • Blood Products and Indications on Why You Would Transfuse Each
  • ABO Typing & Antibody Screening/Identification and Crossmatching – Why is This Important
  • Sequencing (Vein to Vein Pipeline) - Where is Activity Occurring and What Sequence
  • Adverse Effects of Blood Transfusion
  • Challenges in this Area

Topic 4: Regulatory/Compliance Deep Dive

  • Regulatory Bodies
  • Report (What and Why)
  • Special Requirements for Facilities and Safety
  • Irradiation
  • Roles of the Players & Groups
  • Challenges in this Area

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