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AABB Checklist for Labeling RBC Units with Historical Antigen Typing Results

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This checklist is intended to supplement your understanding of the FDA’s new recommendations permitting the labeling of RBC units based on historical antigen typing results. Specifically, the checklist serves as a “quick reference” to the recommendations in Section III.A, B, and C found on pages 3-6 of the final guidance.* The checklist contains hyperlinks to other relevant regulations and will assist you in evaluating new policy options, reviewing compliance and operational considerations, and developing standard operating procedures. A link to the final guidance itself appears below.

*Food and Drug Administration. Guidance for industry: Labeling of red blood cell units with historical antigen typing results. Silver Spring, MD: CBER Office of Communication, Outreach, and Development, 2018. [Available at https://www.fda.gov (accessed January 15, 2019).]

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