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AABB Leadership and Management Collection

AABB Leadership and Management Collection

Product Code: 21EL-LL-2035

This collection contains 31 presentations from prior AABB Annual Meetings as well as on-demand eCasts. It also includes select chapters from AABB publications. The collection is broken into three main areas:

  • Best Practices
  • Lead Your Staff
  • Manage Your Resources

In an effort to engage the current and next generation of professionals with education on core concepts necessary to cultivate effective leaders, the Leadership & Administrative Subsection of the AABB Transfusion Medicine Section has hand-selected relevant leadership and management programs and compiled them into one collection.

This compilation aims to enhance leadership and management skills with a focus on managing resources, leading staff and best practices. It is not only applicable for seasoned leaders, but also for those new to a leadership role and those interested in stepping into a leadership role in the future. This program is for individuals and discounts for multiple registrations are available (group viewing is not available).

Program Format
The program consists of 31 on-demand recordings in varying lengths covering the three main topic areas. This program is housed in the AABB Education Platform. Learners will have unlimited access to the content for up to 2 years. Once registered, immediate access is granted on the AABB Education Platform.

Content Overview

Best Practices

  • Amazing Transfusion/Disaster Planning Simulations
  • Emergency Management- Hurricanes, Floods, Fires, Snow and Ice, and National & International Threats
  • Emergency Event Planning in the Transfusion Service
  • Multidisciplinary Team Building: Anesthesiology, Nursing and the Transfusion Service
  • Integrating the Blood Center Physician with the Blood Center Executive Team

Lead Your Staff

  • Utilizing Employee Engagement to Decrease Turnover 
  • There’s Misbehavior in Your Workplace -  Who You Gonna Call?  Distinguishing Management Dilemmas from Ethical Problems 
  • Mastering Civility: How Civility Builds Collaboration and Improves Performance 
  • The Making of the Next Generation of Laboratory Leaders: Leading through Challenges
  • What Does It Take to be a Female CEO: Breaking the Glass Ceiling 
  • The Communication Crimes We Commit Against Our Employees 
  • Achieving the Pinnacle of Leadership 
  • Anticipating the Future - Laboratory Workforce Planning 
  • Blood Bank Billing and Reimbursement 
  • Chronic Work-Related Stress and Burnout: The High Cost of Ignoring Stress in the Workplace 
  • Current Challenges Facing Transfusion Medicine Leadership 
  • Leadership Pearls of the Laboratory: Discovering, Engaging, and Maintaining Laboratory Leaders – Optimizing Laboratory Operation 
  • Leading at the Speed of Trust – Using the 13 Behaviors to Develop, Restore, and Extend Smart Trust in Your Key Relationships and Your Organization 
  • Mentorship: How to Cultivate Talent and Promote from Within Your Organization 
  • A Culture of Safety: "How Can I Advocate Patient Safety If I Myself Don’t Feel Safe?" - the Question That Sounds Rhetorical but Really Isn’t 
  • Ethical Issues in Transfusion Medicine and Blood Banking 
  • Are You a Group or a Team?

Manage Your Resources

  • BIG DATA Applications in Transfusion Medicine: Size Matters! 
  • Informatics for the Blood Bankers 
  • Pearls and Pitfalls of Transfusion Medicine Informatics Solutions 
  • Introduction to Reimbursement for Transfusion Medicine, Blood Products and Cellular Therapy Services
  • Help! I Can’t See the Forest for the Trees – Using Data Effectively to Drive Meaningful Change 
  • Coding and Reimbursement for Reference Laboratory Testing 
  • Data to Action: Closing the Gap 
  • What's New with Reimbursement and Coding for Blood Products, Transfusion Medicine and Cellular Therapies?
  • Transfusion Medicine Informatics for Patient Blood Management

Additional Resources
In addition to the programs noted above, access will also be provided for these chapters to download and use for future reference:

  • Development of a Patient Blood Management Program: Chapter 2 from Patient Blood Management: Multidisciplinary Approaches to Optimizing Care
    Frank SM, Johnson DJ, Resar LMS. Development of a Patient Blood Management Program. In: Frank SM, Waters JH, eds. Patient Blood Management: Multidisciplinary Approaches to Optimizing Care. Bethesda, MD: AABB Press, 2016:13-38.
  • Medical-Legal Issues in Transfusion Medicine: Chapter 21 from Transfusion Therapy: Clinical Principles and Practice, 4/e
    Barbeau JM. Medical-Legal Issues in Transfusion Medicine. In: Marques M, Schwartz, Wu YY, eds. Transfusion Therapy: Clinical Principles and Practice, 4/e. Bethesda, MD: AABB Press, 2019:539-48.
  • Quality and Regulations in Transfusion Medicine: Chapter 22 from Transfusion Therapy: Clinical Principles and Practice, 4/e
    Storch EK. Quality and Regulations in Transfusion Medicine. In: Marques M, Schwartz, Wu YY, eds. Transfusion Therapy: Clinical Principles and Practice, 4/e. Bethesda, MD: AABB Press, 2019:551-79. Chapter 22. 
  • Hemotherapy Decisions and Their Outcomes: Chapter 19 from Hemotherapy Decisions and Their Outcomes
    Shehata N, Mo YD. Hemotherapy Decisions and Their Outcomes. In: Cohn CS, Delaney M, Johnson ST, Katz LM, eds. Technical Manual, 20/e. Bethesda, MD: AABB, 2020:553-81. Chapter 19.


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