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Blood Donor Health and Safety, 2nd edition - Print

Product Code: 222015

ISBN: 978-1-56395-448-1

Since publication of the first edition of Blood Donor Health and Safety (2009), many concerns have been raised and solutions have been implemented. Readers of this revision will develop a greater understanding of why some donors may be deferred for their own safety rather than the recipient's, blood centers will be able to implement innovative strategies for preventing adverse consequences, and donors themselves will benefit from an improved donation experience.

Topics covered:

  • Donor education, consent, and counseling.
  • Donor iron balance and consequences.
  • Syncope and vasovagal reaction prevention/treatment.
  • Needle-related issues.
  • Collection by automated measures.
  • Frequent plasmapheresis.
  • Special situations (teens, seniors, disabled, etc) NEW!
  • HPC donors.
  • Donor hemovigilance.
  • Future directions for research.

Edited by Anne Eder, MD, PhD, and Mindy Goldman, MD

AABB Press, 2022, illus, soft cover, 270 pages, ISBN 978-1-56395-448-1

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