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BUNDLE: Standards for a Patient Blood Management Program, 3rd Edition – Print and Guidance

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The 3rd edition of Standards for a Patient Blood Management Program (PBM Standards) can help facilities that are implementing or enhancing PBM efforts to have a solid foundation for maintaining and optimizing the care of patients who may or may not need transfusion. Like other AABB standards, this edition includes overarching quality standards as well as specific technical standards. The effective date of this edition is January 1, 2021.

Significant changes in the 3rd edition include:

  • Reference standard 1.1.2A has been expanded to include new requirements surrounding pediatric, obstetric and single unit transfusion patients. Each patient population now has a corresponding standard in chapter 5, Process Control.
  • New standard 5.3.2 has been added to the edition to cover individuals who complete the informed consent process, but in the end refuse blood.
  • Standard 5.16 is new to this edition and was added to ensure that high blood users in a facility had plans in place to monitor the effects of high blood loss and the strategies needed to prevent and/or manage them.

Guidance for Standards for a Patient Blood Management Program includes verbatim requirements from the 3rd edition of Standards for a Patient Blood Management Program (PBM Standards) interspersed with guidance. Language from the PBM Standards is presented; when there is appropriate guidance for that standard, the guidance language follows the standard with the heading “Guidance.” This format allows the reader to see both the requirement and the associated guidance side by side.

Please note that there is no guidance for some standards. The Patient Blood Management Standards Committee has chosen to focus PBM Standards on those issues that may require additional context and/or examples to assist in attaining compliance with the Standards.

(2020, AABB, softcover, 47 pages, and 2020, AABB, softcover, 65 pages)

Effective date: January 1, 2021

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