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BUNDLE: Transfusion Medicine Self-Assessment and Review, 3rd edition & Technical Manual, 20th edition

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ISBN: 978-1-56395-370-5

Developed to be used with the Technical Manual, Transfusion Medicine Self-Assessment and Review helps students and trainees learn and review concepts in an examination format. A total of 15 chapters contain approximately 40 multiple-choice questions each—a 25% increase from the 2nd edition. The chapters are arranged by subject matter, from donation to transfusion reactions. Detailed explanations are found separately at the end of each chapter, providing a realistic test simulation.

This edition incorporates the latest information and expanded coverage of pathogen reduction, patient blood management, and cellular therapies. The questions cover both board- and practice-relevant aspects of transfusion medicine. Transfusion Medicine Self-Assessment and Review is the perfect classroom and self-study aid.

Written by: Justin D. Kreuter, MD; and Douglas P. Blackall, MD

The Technical Manual is a top-notch resource that gives both newcomers and seasoned professionals the information needed to succeed in the rapidly changing field of transfusion medicine. Experts provide the benefit of their knowledge and experience in 28 chapters and 100+ methods/appendices—all of which have been reviewed by standing committees of the AABB.

This edition captures the late-breaking changes in donor deferrals made by the FDA just before publication. Other updates to the manual include:

  • Expanded PBM chapter.
  • Critical update to discussion of massive transfusion.
  • Emphasis on blood group antigen nomenclature.
  • Added depth to relevant transfusion-transmitted diseases.
  • Enhanced discussion of molecular testing.

Also new to this edition is online posting of the methods and appendices. More and more readers are becoming comfortable consulting digital resources; accordingly, the content (methods, appendices) of the USB flash card that was part of the printed edition is now online. An access code is printed in the book for easy, repeated reference and customization.

Edited by: Claudia S. Cohn, MD, PhD; Meghan Delaney, DO, MPH; Susan T. Johnson, MSTM, MT(ASCP)SBB; and Louis M. Katz, MD

(AABB Press, 2017, soft cover, 669 pages, ISBN 978-1-56395-912-7 & AABB, 2020, 816 pages, ISBN 978-1-56395-370-5)

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Transfusion Medicine Self-Assessment and Review

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Technical Manual

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