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Cellular Therapies Certificate Program for Individual Purchase and Registration

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The AABB Cellular Therapies (CT) Certificate Program gives individuals a solid foundation on scientific, operational and regulatory topics relevant to working in the field. Developed by faculty experts and offered via a series of instructional modules at an introductory to intermediate level, this web-based program is presented entirely online as independent, self-paced study through a learning management system called Blackboard. Upon purchase, the student will receive application and enrollment information. Enrollment cycles start on the first of each month for those that complete the application process by the required deadline of the preceding month. Details are provided in the FAQs.

Upon completion of all of the 12 modules, the learner will have acquired a solid foundation of the scientific principles, operational issues and regulatory framework to enhance experience and practical knowledge relevant to active participation in and employment within the cellular therapy field. A certificate will be conferred when the learner has met all of requirements listed below.

Program Format and Registration Process

Modules are designed to emphasize topics that are important to functioning in a laboratory/processing environment or facility providing background on the science, processing and manufacturing of cells, potential for product scale up, and regulatory issues in this evolving field.

  • Information is presented using recorded lectures, reading materials, slide presentations, videos and animations.
  • Learners will be tested following each topic module and asked to respond to scenarios to assess comprehension of the principles presented.
  • A minimum score of 80% is required for passing.
  • Once purchased, students will receive application and enrollment information by email. Once the application process is complete, students are provided access to Blackboard. New cohorts start the first of each month for those that complete enrollment by the required date.
  • Students have 1 year from the date of enrollment to successfully complete the program. After this date access to the modules will expire and students may be required to re-purchase the program.
  • Students can log in and out of the program during the access period and pick up where (s)he left off.
  • Once the program is completed and a certificate has been issued, the certificate cannot be transferred.
  • The purchase is non-refundable and cannot be transferred to another individual once the application is complete (and the student is enrolled).
  • The Certificate of Completion is available for download and printing within 14 days of program completion.


  • Students must review EVERY slide in each module. Students are not permitted to skip portions of the program, even if they pass the tests.
  • Students must obtain a minimum score of 80% on each module assessment. Retaking the tests is permitted.
  • Students must complete a program evaluation to receive their certificate of completion.

Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of the program, the learner will be able to:

  1. Develop a working knowledge of terms and acronyms used in the Cellular Therapies field.
  2. Describe hematopoiesis - lineage from stem/progenitor cells to differentiated cells.
  3. Discuss basic immunological principles, the innate and adaptive immune systems, cell-antigen interactions, and the HLA system and its role in transplantation.
  4. Identify therapeutic cells and their clinical potential.
  5. Identify assays commonly used to characterize cells of the immune system, assess cell viability and determine cell potency.
  6. Describe aseptic processing and requirements for meeting standards.
  7. Discuss environmental monitoring and requirements.
  8. Evaluate regulations relevant to product quality, consistency and safety.
  9. Define the essential components of quality systems.
  10. Apply knowledge learned from the AABB Cellular Therapies Certificate Program to scenarios and case studies.

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