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Citations in Patient Blood Management, 3rd edition

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The resources in the literature on patient blood management are arranged by topic and subtopic in this updated compilation to form a convenient, useful reference tool. Compiled by subject matter experts, this publication serves as a comprehensive resource that will benefit anyone seeking to start or enhance their PBM program. Some of the topics include:

  • assessment and treatment of anemia
  • transfusion indications, pharmacologic interventions
  • applications in point-of-care testing
  • PBM program
  • development and certification
  • investigational agents

Compiled by Richard R. Gammon, MD; Christopher Bocquet; Mark T. Friedman, DO; Tina Ipe, MD, MPH; Sadhana Mangwana, MD, MBA; Aikaj Jindal, MD; Linda Rockwood, MS(CLM), MLS(ASCP)CM, CQA(ASQ), RABT; and Laura Stephens, MD, FCAP, QIA for the Transfusion Medicine Section Coordinating Committee

(AABB, 2021, digital, 61 pages, ISBN 9781563954344)

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